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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing national maritime center

Instructions and Help about national maritime center

Welcome to the National Maritime centers instructional video on completing the US Coast Guard seven one nine series of applications forms CG seven one nine ke is the application for merchant mariner medical certificate for entry-level ratings the first two pages prdetailed instructions on filling out the CG seven one 9 ke form each section listed in the instruction corresponds with a specific section of the form the table on page 2 provides details of the requirements for a demonstration of physical ability also throughout the form there are instructions following each section heading which indicate whether the applicant or the medical practitioner should complete each section please read these instructions carefully prior to filling out the application in section 1 please fill in each block with appropriate contact information or write n/a if not applicable for section 2 applicant certification please read carefully sign and date the Privacy Act statement mentioned here can be found on page 4 of this form sections 3 4 & 5 address physical information demonstration of physical ability and food handler certification these sections are to be completed by the medical practitioner please ensure that all sections are addressed and filled in completely by your medical practitioner prior to submitting this form to the National Maritime Center detailed guidance on the medical and physical evaluation guidelines for merchant mariner credentials can be found in navigate located on our website this section is reserved for the medical practitioners information please be sure that the practitioners sig contact information and license information are included in this section please read the Privacy Act statement to better understand how your private information will be used there are several ways to contact us if you're having problems with emailing your application visit the National Maritime Center website at our customer service center and speak with a professional representative at one eight eight eight I ask an MC that's one eight eight eight four two seven five six six two you.