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How do I fill out the yearly percentage in the Indian Coast Guard AC application form when we have a CGPA?
Depends on wjich standard you are applying for10th = cgpax9.5Gradiation = cgpax multiplying factor.In some colleges it is 9.5,9,10 depends on colllege
Is it necessary to be a graduate for filling out the admission form for the Indian Coast Guard?
Depends!If you wanna apply for officer cadre, You shall be a graduate and the eligibility is as per the advertisement published on the website.And for Navik entry, 12th pass is mandatory.However for domestic branch, the qualification is 10th pass as shown below.Goodluck!
How do I fill out the educational qualification section of the assistant commandant application form in coast guard (01/2022 batch)?
U should be Bachelor of science hieght166 wt 50 and pass ur exams
How does the Coast Guard’s basic training compare to the other branches? What about CG OCS?
USCG Recruit Training is focused on Academic and practical skills. You will get a fair bit of CG history, and organizational information. On the practical skills level you will receive training in basic seamanship, small boat seamanship, shipboard firefighting, damage control, basic marksmanship. In addition you will get all the usual Military Disapline that you would expect in any service’s Basic. One thing most don’t expect is the level of physical training. USCG Recruit training is modeled on Marine Basic Training. The Marines helped design CG training and for a number of years provided the USCG with drill instructors. The USCG continues to keep to those standards. USCG Recruit Training isn’t easy, either physically or mentally. With very few exceptions you will be required to meet the same or higher levels of performance as any of the other services.To give an example: the Navy requires it’s trainees to be able to swim 50 meters using any stroke, and be able to float on your back for 5 minutes. The Marines require that you be able to swim 25 meters with your pack and be able to float 4 minutes using any method. The USCG requires you be able to swim 100 meters using the breast stroke, side stroke or crawl and to be able to tread water for 5 minutes. You may not float or swim on your back. Other physical fitness requirement are less than you would find for the Marines, but generally higher than for the Navy.Finally it should be noted that while the physical requirements for joining the USCG are essentially the same as for the Navy, Air Force or Army (Marines are significantly higher than other services) the USCG requires the highest ASVAB score of any of the services.Like I said USCG Recruit Training isn’t easy. If you need further proof consider that the attrition rate for Basic Training in the Air Force is 8%, and between 12% and 14% for the Army, Navy and Marines. The Coast guard has an attrition rate of between 20%and 30% That means for every 100 who enlist, only 80 or fewer will actually become US Coast Guard.For more information seeAnswers To the Top Coast Guard QuestionsCoast Guard Boot Camp
U.S. Coast Guard: How do coastguards search for and recover bodies of individuals swept out to sea?
US Coast Guard search operations for persons in the water (PIW's) utilize software from a program called SAROP's which takes in historical water current patterns, on scene weather/winds/currents, time of day/illumination level, size of person, what the person is wearing, whether or not the person has a flotation device and the type of aircraft or vessel doing the search. Once on scene a Coast Guard asset can deploy a data marker Bouy which can then be relocated its drift can then be used to better create a search pattern. The amount of time the Coast Guard will search for a PIW depends on the water temperature and what the PIW is wearing. A PIW with a flotation device in the Caribbean might survive a couple of days while a PIW near Alaska with no survival gear will be hypothermic in under an hour. The success of these searches largely depends the accuracy of the time/location of where the person fell off the vessel/washed out to sea. If the original information isn't very accurate then the search plan will be an educated guess. In most cases the Coast Guard doesn't search for bodies. A search action plan will be executed through such a time as it would be reasonable to expect the PIW to still be alive. Also of note a person with a 406 emergency positioning radio beacon (Epirb) will be found very quickly also a person with a strobe light at night or a mirror during the day is very easy to locate if we are in the general vicinity!
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