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Vessels on our waterways used commercially are regulated by the United States Coast Guard and require a licensed captain the captain and the crew of these vessels are required by the Coast Guard to have drug testing in fact getting your captain's license requires that you get a drug test this includes holders of licenses who carry no more than six paying passengers on a commercial vessel often called a six pack license testing is also required upon renewal of the captain's license if you use your recreational vessel for a passenger for hire situation it's no longer a recreational vessel it's a commercial vessel an example would be taking out four guys fishing and then charging them a fee for the charter trip with a commercial vessel you now become subject to significant Coast Guard regulation including drug and alcohol testing for the captain's license initial drug tests or subsequent periodic drug testing it's important to utilize a professional provider that knows what's required once the testing is complete the Medical Review officer also called the MRO must sign off on a u.s. Coast Guard periodic drug testing form called the CG 719 P form you must then submit this form to the Coast Guard national drug screening works with Mariners all across the United States providing the required drug testing and completed CG 719 P forms testing can be ordered online or over the phone the only test allowed is the d-o-t five-panel test testing for marijuana cocaine opiates phencyclidine called PCP and amphetamines marine employers are required by the Coast Guard to have a drug and alcohol testing program and all crew members need to be a part of the program civil penalty fines of up to $5,500 per day can be issued to a marine employer who fails to implement or conduct chemical testing for dangerous drugs or for evidence of alcohol the marine employer should look to a qualified and professional consortium third-party administrator called a seat EPA to prthe drug and alcohol testing program including the required random drug testing consortium you will rely on this seat EPA to keep you in compliance with the drug and alcohol testing regulations in the marine industry failing a drug or alcohol test is serious business the crew member must be removed from the safety sensitive position and must start a return to work process a Coast Guard investigating officer will be involved in a process of counseling and follow-up testing will keep the Mariner out of work until the whole process is complete this is a lengthy and very expensive process drug testing for marine employers must follow the procedures set forth in 49 CFR part 44 transportation workplace drug and alcohol testing programs the employers must conduct testing for the following reasons pre-employment post-accident with a serious marine incident called an SMI random drug testing without random alcohol reasonable cause testing return to duty testing and follow-up testing national drug screening as a.