Video instructions and help with filling out and completing where to get merchant mariner physical

Instructions and Help about where to get merchant mariner physical

Hey y'all so I'm making this video to answer the question that I get asked the absolute most like it seems like nothing else about me matters except for the simple fact that I am a merchant seaman or Merchant Marine whatever you want to call it and that's what I get asked the most up like they don't even how have you been how you do people that I haven't talked to in years exes cousins uncles baby moms brothers people hit me up that would never talk to me otherwise except to ask me how to become a merchant seaman how did I become a merchant seaman and how to do this how to do that and I don't mind it but I know for sure that these are the only reasons that certain people talk to me and I'm pretty sure anybody that's a merchant seaman they get the same problems like people that would never ever hit you up in life hit you up to ask you questions about how to become a merchant seaman so I'm making this video today the charting answer majority of the questions that I get asked try to just clarify some things for people I guess and making a video that I would want to see if I was doing my research because when I first was doing my research I put it in YouTube and I put it in certain places and I couldn't find all the information playing a simple that I was looking for and this I'm trying to make this as plain and simple as possible so um one thing I get asked is what's the difference between a merchant seaman and a Merchant Marine they're the same thing is the exact same thing I don't know why it has two different names I'm pretty sure there's a history behind it but I don't know so it's the same thing there's no difference it's all the same I also get asked are you in the military being a merchant seaman being a merchant marine you're not in the military you don't get benefits like the military benefits you don't get to shop on base you don't get stationed anywhere you can live anywhere on the planet and be a merchant seaman as long as you can get to a union hall we need to work or as long as if you have a permanent job you can get a flight to where your ship is it's simple people always ask me so where you stationed now and I'm like I'm back at home oh you got stationed back at home that's cool no I just lived there I don't get stationed anywhere so being a merchant seaman yeah as long as you're ready to go to work you can make it to where you need to go you're good you could stay wherever you want to stay I'm a part of a union it's called