Video instructions and help with filling out and completing medical and physical evaluation guidelines for merchant mariner credentials

Instructions and Help about medical and physical evaluation guidelines for merchant mariner credentials

So let's see what fees to pay I'm paid at gov for an original officer endorsement let's go to the website hey gov enter and then up at the top here coming up find Forbes and agencies we're looking for US Coast Guard USCG enter and now it's gonna be eight of these red boxes down u.s. merchant mariner user fee payment continue to form and continue to form again so at the top here is all of your applicant or mariner details first name it'll last your address city state zip telephone number optional email address not optional all of this company name social security your reference number this is a must the Coast Guard keeps track of you with your social security number before you apply and then after you apply with your reference number credential category those people going for an original masters or own upv we are looking for an officer endorsement so we're just looking for an officer endorsement and now the type of endorsement original officer endorsement and down here's the renewal but we're doing this for original so original now that makes this box grayed out we can't use that examination and testing fees course in lieu of exam that's what happens when you take a course in lieu of the exams at the regional exam center so a company like us captain's training or any other approved course your you're going to pay here course in lieu of exam fees and then the issuance fee pay my merchant mariner credential or MMC issuance fee now $45 so now you're looking at $145 and these are the correct boxes to pay in pay up and when you continue to the next screen you'll be able to put the credit card information in you

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