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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing merchant mariner credential qualifications

Instructions and Help about merchant mariner credential qualifications

When I was younger I dreamed of taking off on a sailboat exploring the oceans meeting exotic women climbing deserted islands for myself things have turned out a little differently recently I spent over six months at sea working on a container ship it was my first time working offshore as a merchant marine the ship was over 900 feet and took me nearly entirely around the globe from New York to the San Francisco Bay the long way people often ask me just what is the Merchant Marine and truthfully it can be pretty confusing so just to clear a few things up the Merchant Marine is not part of the military though we can be called into active duty during times of war but normally it is a fleet made up of one nations ships run by civilians it is ships not planes that bring the majority of everyday goods you see in stores from clothes and food to cars and the gas that make them go but while the American commercial fleet once soared in the thousands a recent push for cheaper International shipping has diminished the US fleet to a dwindling one to two hundred ships these days the occupation is a bit of a secret you can get into the industry by two ways go to a maritime school to become an officer or work your way up from the bottom by gaining see time and tonnage from work experience which is what I did by using over a decade of sea time on sailboats commercial fishing boats and an oil spill cleanup ship I was able to get in able-bodied sailors license and the necessary requirements to ship offshore with this I got a job on my first morning into my union hall and as I was flying from my homeport of San Francisco to meet the ship in Staten Island I became a little nervous that I might not fit in with my crewmates ever since I was a little kid I've been hearing sea stories from the Pirates and Robinson Crusoe to the characters of Jack London novels I didn't know which were true or made up which qualities in a sailor were outdated or still valid I knew that ships had sure changed but I wondered if the sailors had but as it turned out the crew was great ages ranged from 16 to 60 each had taken their own paths to the sea sailors by nature are travelers interested in other ways of life and other cultures I learned that on the job it is crucial to keep a positive attitude and stay supportive of each other to be able to rely on your shipmates you know at some point you're going to need a hand whether it's physically while working on deck or even if you just want a night off in a foreign port and you're stuck with gangway watch the old-timers taught me these lessons and.