I recently went to court and didn't fill out any paperwork, and the judge said nothing about me being on probation. Am I on unsupervised probation or something like that? Could I be drug tested?
To be on probation you would have entered some kind of plea. There are dispositions that result in you not having a conviction per se, but the case must be disposed of and you would be placed on probation, specifically supervised, unsupervised or bench, and for a period of time.  If you are placed on probation with a government agency it is likely a standard condition of probation to not use, possess, or purchase a controlled substance except as prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner. The only way to enforce such a condition is with drug testing. Some jurisdictions specify it with a special condition, some within the standard condition, others assert it is implied.  Another condition of probation is something along the lines of abiding by any directive given to you by a probation officer. So, whether you had a condition or not if the probation officer directed you to supply a urine sample, you'd be bound to do so or receive a violation for that alone.
How can I take my child (16yrs) to the U.S if my immigrant visa is approved? My husband, a US citizen, filled out form I 130 for me and mentioned this child as migrating in future.
Just petition using a I-130 yourself. Read the instructions very carefully. I am not sure but it’s possible that the affidavit of support will need to be filled by your husband since he is the citizen and he filled one for you - again, check the instructions very carefully. It should be a pretty clear, straightforward process.Your child is still well below the age limit and should be fine. If there are any problems, do the same thing you did with your own process - use the numbers you are given to check on the process and if you see it stuck call to make sure they have everything they need early.It is my understanding that the age limit of the child is based on the petition date, so go ahead and do it.You still have plenty of time at 16, just don’t delay.
Does Walmart drug test cart pushers? How long will it take for THC to be out of me if I smoked every day for a week and that week?
I worked for ASDA/Walmart here in the U.K. and here the answer would be no, because if they did I wouldnt have got the job. Unfortunately for OP a quick Google and quora search puts the answer for the US as being yes they do drug test, possibly even as soon as the first interview stage.As to how long it will take to clear out of your system, that is subject to more variables than you have supplied, but there are websites that purport to have reliable calculators for such things.there are also a lot of products advertised online that say they can help you pass a drug test, I don't know if any of them work, I've never used them.
Are the genetic tests that tell you which psychiatric drugs to take accurate? How can I find out if these are a good option for me?
Look for Joyce Schenkein's answer to "How do neurologists explain the onset of depression and when should beducation and drugs be used to treat it." She discusses this in a very easy-to read manner.
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