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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing uscg physical exam near me

Instructions and Help about uscg physical exam near me

Hey guys this is Andre with the Andre lifestyle welcome back to my channel this is a self-improvement channel where I document and educate my audience or what have experienced in the military to help and fitness rules that I live by the self-improvement books that I've read and the travel destinations that I recommend subscribe to my channel to stay up to date with new great content every week hey guys again welcome back to my channel it's a boy Andre and today I'm going to be doing the Coast Guard physical fitness test and I have a really close friend of mine from high school name's Luis and he's going to help me make this video and perform the exercises with me so just a disclaimer I am NOT going to do the swimming portion to this test and for those of you that don't know in coastguard boot camp you need to be able to do tread water for four or five minutes and then you need to jump off a 5 foot platform into the water and then swim 100 meters in certain amount of time I can't remember the the time limit and then the portion that we are going to do are the push-ups sit-ups and the mile and a half run so for males the I have it right down here I straight for military comm for male it is 29 push-ups in 60 seconds for females of 15 push-ups and 60 seconds for males at 38 sit-ups in 60 seconds for females 32 sit-ups in 60 seconds for males it's 12 minutes and 51 seconds or less on the mile-and-a-half run for females is 15 seconds 15 minutes and 26 seconds or less on the mile and a half run so again I'm not doing the swim portion to this test stay tuned to try to stay tuned for the rest of this video because the very end I'm going to be announcing something that I'm pretty excited about and yeah so I hope you guys enjoyed this video so let's get right into it boom alright guys my boy Louise doing the push-ups high speed I want to bore you guys pretty self-explanatory so back straight elbows need to come to a 90-degree angle to ensure that you're going low enough I would suggest putting having the person counting your push-ups if you have someone a partner to put his fish right underneath your chest so every time you go down you have a good indicator of whether you're going slow enough so in this videos you can see my push-ups my push-up stance with my arms are a little bit more wider do a wider stance than when we study is more narrow both of them count so whichever is easier for you like I said for males 29 push-ups in a minute 38 sit-ups in a minute and guys need to remember and I'm explaining to Lewis what.