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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Coast guard drug test fail

Instructions and Help about Coast guard drug test fail

What's up guys and welcome back to another episode of cog out daily thoughts and if you're new my name is Kyle God this is my youtube channel I documented my airforce journey my Air Force of life I have been for the last 5 years so if you are new you might want to consider hitting that subscribe button staying tuned for more videos but today's video is gonna be all about getting drug tested in the Air Force because I actually had a drug test today I had a random drug test so ran them urinalysis and I honestly do not know how they pick or how they decide so I work with some guys that have done four or five drug tests this year and for me this is my very first drug test since I have been at Nellis and I've been here for over one year so it's completely random you might get keep getting popped for him or you might not for a while so at Kadena I was there for three years I think I did three or four drug tests while I was there and those drug tests were all in the last year that I was there the first two years I was there I didn't get hit with the drug test the entire time or if I did I was like one in like two years and then within a year I got hit for three so totally random you don't really know when it's gonna happen you can't really prepare for it so that's why you have to in the military not do drugs because you don't know when you're gonna get the drug tested plus it's illegal to do drugs so there's no point in doing drugs anyways so I'm just gonna kind of go over the process I guess so you'll get notified hey you need to come here and basically like sign in so that like if you call hey you need to come over here so then you'll go over there like you get notified you have to go there immediately so you go there you'll check in give you a piece of paper you'll go to the drug testing site your analysis and you'll sign in there you'll give them the piece of paper and your catcard and then they will tell you to sit down if you are ready to go you just you go or if you need some time like me I need a time so I drink my whole entire forty ounce water bottle because I did not have to go to the bathroom when I got there so it's like wow this is gonna suck so thankfully they had a TV on they had a movie so I just sat there was drinking my water and watching blades of glory so you know that was cool and then once I was ready to go I have a long.


Does the U.S Coast Guard count private company hair tests as a failed drug test?
Does the U.S Coast Guard count private company hair tests as a failed drug test? During a Coast Guard hearing over a failed drug screen, what settlement options can an IO offer to someone who has never failed a test in regards to his pilot licenses? Do coast guards/navy fire at or sink civilian vessels? In what circumstances can this happen? Will I be denied to serve in the US military if I failed a marijuana drug test in 9th grade? I'm interested in joining the coast guard. Do they party like in the navy? What is the most memorable idea that made you go "WOW! That's amazing!" when you first learned about it, and why? Is 15 days long enough to pass a drug test? What was the craziest defection during the Cold War? What is the solution to the drug problem in the Philippines?
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